Wednesday, October 20, 2010


            CITY LIFE has all the luxurious that you could ever imagine. It is where you can find different commercial landmarks,tallest buildings and establishments and colorful lights that will fulfill your eyesight especially in the late night.In the city, you can easily find and have a job wherein business is always on the run. CITY LIFE is always busy where all your time is spent on your job and other outside businesses. It is not a problem for them when it becomes to their daily basic needs especially foods for they can easily have an access on the nearest market
             On the other side ,BARRIO LIFE is much simpler,much better and most of all it is a peaceful place to live at.It is where you can experience a simple daily living with the fresh air, feel the breeze of the trees, hear the sounds of the birds singing.Life in the BARRIO is much better for they can just plant vegetables and fruits in their backyards wherein they can easily have an access on their daily needs by just picking the fresh and ripe fruits and vegetables for them to eat or sell into the market  to sustain their family needs.